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    CRNAs Celebrate Providing Professional Quality, Personal Care to Patients

    National Nurse Anesthetists Week, January 20-26, 2008    

    By Melissa Wirkus, staff writer.   

    Providing anesthesia to patients is a vital part of almost any surgical procedure and this week the nation applauds Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), during the ninth annual National Nurse Anesthetists Week, January 20-26, 2008.

    Established by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), National Nurse Anesthetists Week was created to encourage CRNAs to take the opportunity to educate the public about anesthesia safety, questions to ask prior to undergoing surgery, and the benefits of receiving anesthesia care from nurse anesthetists.

    Providing patients with the professional quality they expect and the personal care they deserve is this year’s theme, and something that Joseph Wenszell, a CRNA with temporary staffing company Staff Care, stands behind wholeheartedly.

    “Working one on one with the individual I’m about to provide anesthesia to, so I make them feel comfortable and let them know they are with someone credible, is the best part of my job,” Wenszell said. “It’s a rewarding experience both monetarily and as a profession as a nurse, where you can help patients comfortably get through surgery.”

    Nurse anesthetists are advanced-practice nurses who administer approximately 27 million anesthetics in the United States each year. Practicing in every setting where anesthesia is available, CRNAs are the sole anesthesia providers in more than two-thirds of all rural hospitals, and have been the main provider of anesthesia care to U.S. service men and women on the front lines since World War I.

    “We are the best kept secret in nursing,” Wenszell said. “The best kept secret in anesthesia.”

    Dion Gabaldon, chief CRNA for Anesthesia Consultants of the Deserts, Inc. and public relations representative for the California Association of Nurse Anesthetists has worked in the field for ten years, and recognizes the importance of the profession in the medical community.

    “As chief CRNA I get the opportunity to create and advocate more jobs for CRNAs,” Gabaldon said. “I’m proud of being a part of an anesthesia group that provides safe and cost effective anesthesia to hospitals who face health care systems crisis.”

    Gabaldon, who has experience as a CRNA in clinical, academic and business settings, stresses the importance of public awareness of nurse anesthetists' dedication to professional quality care and the personal commitment to the patients they treat.

    “Nurse anesthetists have been providing anesthesia care to patients in the United States for more than 125 years,” Gabaldon said.

    Lou Pierce, CRNA, who also works for Staff Care, celebrates the independence and unique opportunities that come along with the profession.

    “There is a lot of opportunity out there for employment,” Pierce said. “You can have a good living, and it’s an outstanding opportunity.” 

    Founded in 1931, the AANA is the professional organization for more than 36,000 nurse anesthetists throughout the nation. To learn more about National Nurse Anesthetists Week or the AANA, visit joins healthcare organizations across the country in wishing CRNAs the best during this special celebratory week.



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