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    CRNA Named Locum Tenens Provider of the Year

    By Jennifer Huddleston, staff writer      

    Ghislaine Paultre, CRNA, was recognized in the June 2008 edition of LocumLife magazine as Locum Tenens of the Year for Staff Care, the nation’s leading provider staffing firm.

    Paultre began her locum tenens career eight years ago, looking for more freedom and the opportunity to work in different medical facilities. August 2008 will mark her third year working exclusively with Staff Care.

    “I wanted to test the waters and try my own wings,” she said. “It’s not like a regular job; you can move around and if you get asked to go back to a place, it’s like going to visit old friends.”

    Much of Paultre’s locum tenens work has been in Georgia and Florida, where she says she feels particularly comfortable.

    “I feel like I’m there on my own terms. I know the place, the mentality. When you start, no one knows you, so there’s a little bit of visitation, but once you show what you can do, it really is a rewarding time. Professionally you feel like you can adapt to any situation and make it work and enjoy it. If you’re flexible enough, you can make anything work.”

    Paultre said that working on a locum tenens basis has made her realize how resilient she is.

    “It’s a great discovery to learn what you can do in different circumstances. That’s a great learning experience about yourself, your profession and the world. It’s about adapting yourself. When you leave [a facility], everyone is so worried that you are leaving—these are rewarding moments to me—to find surgeons who ask to work with you when you aren’t one of their regular people.”

    Paultre said she would tell providers beginning locum tenens work “to be patient, adaptable and flexible and to see the good in every place you go because every place has something good to offer. You do grow when you go to different places. My grandmother used to say that every day of your life is a learning experience, and there’s more than your way of doing things. You do learn.”

    As Paultre moves into her third year with Staff Care, she said she’s not worried about where she’s going to work next because “if something doesn’t happen, it’s not meant to be or it’s not time for it to be.” If she gets the chance, however, Paultre said she would love to work in Savannah, Georgia, a place she was inspired to visit by the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” which was later made into a movie.

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