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    ‘World’s Largest Collaborative Online Encyclopedia of Medicine’ in Works

    90 Minutes Each Week Could Reduce Burnout, Errors

    Acupressure Soothes Children Before Surgery

    Acupuncture More Effective than Meds for Headaches

    Anesthesia Information Management Systems Beneficial in Labor & Delivery

    Anesthesia Much Safer than in 1950s

    Anesthetic Adverse Events Vary Based on Time of Day

    As U.S. Healthcare Costs Rise, Medical Tourism Booms

    ASA Issues Practice Advisory on Anesthetic Care for MRI

    Burns during Infancy May Affect Later Pain and Sensory Sensitivity

    Cell Protein Curbs Pain More Effectively, Longer than Morphine

    Controversy Continues Over Insurers’ Coverage of Propofol for Colonoscopy

    Cooling Brain May Prevent Cell Death Due to Anesthesia Exposure

    CRNA Named Locum Tenens Provider of the Year

    CRNAs Celebrate 10th Annual National Nurse Anesthetists Week

    CRNAs Celebrate Providing Professional Quality, Personal Care to Patients

    CRNAs Offer Country’s Oldest Clinical Specialty

    CRNAs vs. anesthesiologists: study finds no difference in OB anesthesia safety

    Despite Possible Complications, Alcohol Use Disorders Often Undetected Before Surgery

    Distraction Shown to Reduce Pain of Anesthesia Injection

    Drug to Reverse Effects of Dental Anesthesia Gets FDA Approval

    Elective Surgical Procedures Decline in Worsening Economy

    Excellence Is Not an Accident, It’s a Habit

    FDA Announces Program to Study Anesthesia Risks in Children

    FDA Approves First Injectable Form of Ibuprofen

    FDA Issues Not-Approvable Letter for Sugammedex

    FDA Orders Stronger Warnings for TNF-Blocker Drugs

    Government Reports on CRNA Shortage at VA Facilities

    Heated Hospital Gown Reduces Risk of Surgical Hypothermia

    Innovative System Automates Anesthesia Administration

    Jackson's Death Puts Propofol in the Spotlight

    Learning to Be a Nurse Anesthetist — from a Distance

    Low-Tech Solutions Can Reduce Medication Errors

    Medicare Law Enactment Benefits Anesthesiology

    More Hospitals Are Looking to CRNAs

    More Pain Relief Needed for Newborns, Studies Find

    Needle-free System Saves Time, Tears

    New Compact Anesthesia System Eases Military Operations

    New House Health Reform Bill Offers Low Medicare Payment Rate for Anesthesia

    New Research: Spinal Anesthesia Not Tied to New or Worsened Restless Leg Syndrome

    New Study Links General Anesthesia to Developmental Problems

    New Technique Allows Patients to Respond Under General Anesthesia

    Obama Picks Sebelius as HHS Secretary

    Older Physicians Opting Out of Patient Care

    OR Fires Highly Avoidable yet Still Prevalent

    Painkiller Abuse on Rise, FDA Seeks to Increase Regulation

    Peppers, Pain and Lidocaine

    Picture Scale Created to Assess Children’s Nausea

    Prescription Monitoring System Reduces Abuse, Improves Compliance

    Propofol Scheduling Debate Reignited after Jackson Death

    Rare condition continues debate over surgical settings

    Recent Studies, Movie Put Spotlight on Anesthesia Awareness

    Research Reveals New Link Between Morphine Tolerance and Increased Sensitivity to Pain

    Researchers Find No Risks from Light Eating During Labor

    Researchers Identify Four Main Factors that Predict Postoperative Pain

    Researchers Prove Long-term Effects of Morphine Treatment in Infants

    Sedative Interruption Strategy Results in Better ICU Outcomes

    Senator Kennedy Awake During Brain Surgery

    Serving as a Military CRNA: A Life Changing Experience

    States Debate CRNAs’ Scope of Practice

    Studies Find CRNA Salaries Higher Than Some Physicians'

    Studies: The Relationship between Anesthesia and Alzheimer’s

    Study Sheds New Light on Anesthesia-Recovery Process

    Study: Regional Anesthesia Better than General for Cancer Surgery Outcomes

    Study: While Safe, Epidurals Have No Major Affect on Survival Rate

    Survey Says: 77 Percent of Hospitals Report Using Locum Tenens

    The Employment Outlook for Nurse Anesthetists

    Turn up the Heat for Better Patient Outcomes

    U.S. Advisory Panel Votes to Eliminate, Reduce Certain Painkillers

    U.S. Army Offers Doctorate Program for CRNAs

    U.S. Doctors Lagging on Electronic Medical Records Adoption

    U.S. Researchers Develop Slow-Release Nerve Block

    Ultrasound Technology Eliminates Needle Guesswork

    Unprecedented Research Fraud Shocks Medical Community

    Using Bispectral Index™ Monitoring to Reduce Risk of Anesthestic Awareness

    Using Continuous Local Anesthetic Infusion to Manage Postoperative Pain

    Virtual Reality a Possibility for Reducing Pain during Treatments

    WHO Surgery Safety Checklist Aims to Reduce Complications and Deaths

    WHO Surgical Safety Checklist Greatly Reduces Mortality Rates

    Wrist Acupressure Reduces Anesthesia-Related Nausea

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